Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

First Day in Florenz

What a Day!Nothing is better than : Shopping,preparing the stand ,eating Italien kitchen and have a Lot of fun.
So, yesterday we went walking around Florenz , but Florenz was like always, the Big Dome,the Ponte Vecchio ,the Cathedral of Medici, all these Things what we all Ready saw.So we Decide to Look for the Shops , who was for my onnes wonderful.So this wasn't like actually thought a Florenz Tour , no it was a Florenz Shopping Tour
Miu miu,Louisa,Coin,mac,Zara,Converse...Perfect .
the hottes Shoes , the most Beautiful Dress or skirts...and sadly the highest Prise ever :-(
Sadly it was forbade to make Fotos but I took some when Nobody was around , but at the incredible Things everybody was around so i couldn't make any of those

 and then ...

Then Around 3 or 4 pm we went to the Messe , Looking for our stand.Our First Job was cleaning,Cleaning can or Even should Be the horrible work ever . Lucky As I am, this Time wasn't As Bad As I thought, with a Lot of talking and laughing, it's quite easy.


New reports will come later or Tomorrow

Sorry for the errors, correction will come later

Sonia(left),roma,me or Toska(right)

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